Bringing More Herbs, Plants and OHM into your daily life.

We believe in the power of herbs and plants for sparking a health revolution in our bodies, well-being and environment – with pure ingredients for pure health and pure living. We aim to demystify the benefits of plants and natural ingredients so consumers feel empowered to become the alchemists of their own lives.

Changing The Way
The World Self-Cares

Wild Leaves is for those of us who yearning for some more nature in our daily lives – even if sometimes all we have are the simple morning and nighttime rituals of applying our favorite plant-based skincare or enjoying a warm, soothing drink.


Our clean, yet complex, organic recipes, grounded in European herbs, help nourish and reset your cells on a holistic level for pure, vibrant energy.



01: Spreading the Herbs

The Wild Leaves concept is multifaceted and includes championing health, active living, community, education, sustainability and a higher level of consumer awareness.

We're working on creating an apothecary, kitchen and skincare lab to bring the magic of the forest and natuer's bountiful elements directly into your home. We're starting out with Adaptogen Mushroom drinks and plant skincare. As we grow, we will continue creating a community and building up quality content through products and experiential venues so you can learn how to mix, concoct, move your bod, find your flow, and identify plants and ingredients to become the alchemist of your own life.


Keep it simple.

Keep it natural.

Keep it real. 

It's the simple things in life. We want to be more than just a brand that people find online, buy, use, and repeat. It's about creating an experience beyond the product and getting back to nature in our everyday.



The Tribe

As cheesy as it sounds, individual hustle culture has brought us farther away from tribe culture and community than ever before. Even though individualism is lauded in our society as something worth attaining, at Wild Leaves we believe we can't do it all alone and good vibes are infinitely multiplied when shared. We're just at the beginning but our goal is to create a space full of great content where you can learn how to formulate skincare, ferment foods, do yoga and movement, identify plants, and lots more lush goodness.


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We like to look closer to home

All products at Wild Leaves are Made in Germany and their raw materials are sourced as regionally as possible. This way we can keep the transport routes short and with a low CO2 value to protect the environment. Many of the ingredients in the drinks still grow outside of Europe so we only work with partners who share our values. Our vision is to create a lab where we grow our own mushrooms.