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This is where claims will go.

Rather than a strip of claims, it could be in a cosmic circle of some sort, like a sun, or galaxy or something vortexy. (I have claim icons already. We can either use them or make new ones.)

Nature has a place in our homes

We create simple routines rooted in plants to nourish your gut-brain-skin connection.

"Ritual is the passageway of the soul into the Infinite." - Algernon Blackwood


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Only natural 

is natural.

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An idea: Take the 3 product categories or a few more and create a molecule-esque structure connecting them and then have "universe/vortex/molecule/astrological/elements/things like that" connecting them, so visitors feel like they've entered "the Vortex". 

A drink that gets your wild and your om shanti.
Simple 4-step plant skincare routine
The ultimate cell reset 

Find your wild ritual

Our simple routines are grounded in nature with ingredients that help nourish and reset your cells for pure, vibrant energy. Adaptogen mushroom drinks made with organic ingredients give you natural energy without the jitters, while plant skincare supports your skin's microbiome through the power of European herbs.