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Rewild your Self

I believe that there is a difference between simply living your life and really living it.


Wild Leaves is a growing collection of everything I’d tell you as a friend if we were together and you told me you wanted to regain your power and take charge of your well-being – your way.

Nature, herbs, and plants provide the basis for sparking a health revolution in our bodies, well-being, and the environment - with pure ingredients for pure health and a pure state of mind. Our clean, yet complex, organic recipes, grounded in herbs and fungi, help nourish and reset your cells on a holistic level for pure, vibrant energy.


Wild Leaves is my love letter to you. It's my promise to demystify the healing benefits of plants and natural ingredients and help you bring more nature directly into your home. 

Every single natural element is something special and carries a piece of identity within itself - just like each one of us. Nature provides an infinitely vast, beautifully wild world of living health to explore. I want Wild Leaves to be a platform, a safe space, where you can get real information and real products that empower you to make the best decisions for YOU.

Are you ready to become the alchemist of your own life?


Let’s make your herbal journey become the most epic adventure you’ve ever been on!


Here are your tools and your apron. 

Let’s get started.

From Erin with love x

Founder & CEO

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