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A gently foaming herbal face wash that doesn't dry out your skin! The power of herbs, blossoms, aloe, plant surfactents, and gently peeling seeds work together to softly moisturize and deeply cleanse your skin.



Wild Leaves all-natural skincare is mindfully formulated with ingredients sourced from Europe. Plant skincare supports your skin through the power of European herbs, algae, and lush naturals for bouncy and glowy skin. Our skincare is grounded in nature, vegan, high-quality, consciously sourced from Europe, effective, and made for all skin types.

Herbal Face Wash

VAT Included
Excepted to ship in summer 2024
  • A gentle yet effective foaming gel cleanser that provides moisture while removing daily buildup and grime? That's what our Herbal Face Wash does best. A mild surfactant blend with a plant base creates a creamy foam with hydrosols and aloe vera juice to remove make-up, dirt, and excess sebum. The small amount of micro almond and olive seeds creates a very gentle peeling effect suitable for all skin types. The Herbal Face Wash is calming and effective, revealing deeply cleansed skin without drying it out. 

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