Wild Leaves all-natural skincare is mindfully formulated with ingredients sourced from Europe. Plant skincare supports your skin's microbiome through the power of European herbs, algae and lush naturals for bouncy and glowy skin. Our skincare is grounded in nature, vegan, high-quality, consciously sourced from Europe, effective, and made for all skin types.

EarthSea Well-Aging Cream

  • Let the elements work in your favor! After a day outdoors, in the city, at the office - rich plum seed, amaranth and walnut oils are richly nourishing companions to replenish your skin. Ectoin may not be as well known as hyaluronic acid, but it is one of the most effective ingredients to combat skin dehydration.

    Ingredient provide moisturizing and hydrating care for the deep and top layers of your skin. All you need is a dab or two for a healthy glow on the outside, and deep hydration and moisturization on the skin’s surface and deeper layers.

    Ectoin is an efficient anti-aging and provides skin protection by repairing and improving damaged, aged, stressed.