Our all-natural skincare is mindfully formulated with ingredients sourced from Europe.

Our plant skincare supports your skin's microbiome through the power of European herbs, algae and lush naturals for bouncy and glowy skin. Wild Leaves skincare is grounded in nature, vegan, high-quality, consciously sourced from Europe, effective, and made for all skin types.

Forest Hyaluronic Serum

  • The herb-seaweed-hyaluronic serum gives you the feeling of walking deep into the forest and finding a hidden lake after a long day’s journey. An herbal blend of hops, horsetail, and lime blossom is the skin equivalent of foraging a bouquet of herbs from a field for a soothing effect that helps the skin regain its tranquility. Low- and high molecular weight hyaluronic acid help the skin retain moisture, and a low percentage of broccoli and cucumber seed oils have been added to lock it in. Irish moss (red algae) is there to calm the skin and counteract irritation your skin may encounter from the day. The earth-sea combination contains the highest quality active ingredients for all skin types.