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Let the elements work in your favor with our deeply moisturizing face cream. The highly effective botanicals from the earth to the sea have well-aging properties to provide moisturizing and hydrating care for the deep and top layers of your skin. The fast-absorbing ingredients make it ideal for those looking for deeply nourishing cream without leaving a thick greasy layer. 


Algae provides natural hydration to preserve your skin's natural protective film, lock in moisture, and help fight flare-ups. The active ingredient Ectoin is a natural anti-aging compound that provides effective skin protection by repairing and improving damaged, aged, and stressed cells. It's not as well known as hyaluronic acid, but it is one of the most effective ingredients to combat skin dehydration. The oil blend of walnut, amaranth, plum, grape, babbassu, and almond are rich in antioxidants and fatty acids, with anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, soothing, protective and moisturizing qualities.




Wild Leaves all-natural skincare is mindfully formulated with ingredients sourced from Europe. Plant skincare supports your skin through the power of European herbs, algae, and lush naturals for bouncy and glowy skin. Our skincare is grounded in nature, vegan, high-quality, consciously sourced from Europe, effective, and made for all skin types.

Elemental Moisturizer

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Excepted to ship in summer 2024
  • Where the earth meets the sea.


    Let the elements work in your favor with this nourishing companion to help replenish your skin after a day outdoors, in the city, or at the office. This blend of highly effective oils calms the cells, helping your skin regain its tranquility. The earthy oils moisturize the cells and support the well-aging process with highly effective botanicals from the earth to the sea.



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