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Mixed Vegetable Fermentation




2-3 Hours


About the Course

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This course on fermentation will help you learn how to turn the vegetables you have lying around in your kitchen into flavorful probiotic goodness. You will have the chance to explore different flavors, mono-pickling or mixed pickling, and let your creative culinary skills lead the way. Erin will guide you through the process, help you choose tasty combinations and give you some background into the world of fermentation and why it's a great idea (and super easy too!) to add probiotics into your daily life.

Your Instructor

Erin Schafranek

Erin is passionate about helping people nourish the gut-brain-skin-soul connection by creating easy rituals at home and in nature. She was introduced to fermentation while living in South Korea and has been creating her own fermentation recipes ever since. The combinations of veggies and spices that inspire Erin range from local foraging to places she's lived or been inspired by their traditional fermentation processes.

Erin Schafranek
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