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  • Something about the brand
    Erin created Wild Leaves for all of us longing for some more nature in our daily lives – even if sometimes all we have are the simple morning and nighttime rituals of enjoying a soothing warm drink or applying our favorite plant-based skincare.​ Her experience and passion as an herbalist-in-training, skincare formulator, athlete, foodie, and nature advocate has led her here. Wild Leaves is how she lives and she wants to share her knowledge with others so they can benefit, too. As a product developer at Wild Leaves, Erin has a Diploma in Natural Organic Formulation and is learning the art of Herbalism and Phytotherapy as part of her 3-year degree as a natural health practitioner. The knowledge of plants, fungi and their healing benefits has been cultivated over years of training and travelling. She wants to create a space for people craving more transparency in their products, a connection to nature, and a holistic approach to more self-care – through daily rituals and plant knowledge. Want to read more? Click the button below to find out the gritty details behind founding Wild Leaves. For more information, check out our “About” page!
  • Some interesting info about our products
    All products are vegan, cruelty free, all-natural, mindfully sourced, carefully crafted, and have been in the making for years to be as effective (and tasty!) as possible. We source from Europe first and only source elsewhere when product availability requires us to do so. The drinks are certified 100% organic, and we have used organic ingredients wherever possible in the skincare products. Each product takes over a year to develop and our formulas have been crafted over longer periods of time to ensure that that they are effective and of the highest quality.
  • When do you send out the order?
    Once you send your order through, we will do our best to get it to your within 7 business days.
  • How much are the sending costs?
    Within Germany: €4.90. We will cover your shipping for free on orders of €150 or more. Austria: €6.50. We will cover your shipping for free on orders of €150 or more. Switzerland: €16 Euro (for shipping and customs documents). We will cover your shipping for free on orders of €150 or more. Europe (Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Spain, Czech Republic, Portugal): €14,50. We will cover your shipping for free on orders of €150 or more.
  • How can return the products?
    If you wish to return your product, please write us a message via the contact form or email to and then send us the products. We will refund you as soon as the package has arrived and we have checked your cancellation. You will receive your refund via the same payment method used for your order. If you paid by bank transfer, please send us your bank account details. Unfortunately we cannot take over the return costs.
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